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Posted by on Jan 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Mastering Business Relationships

See if you can tell me the 4 ways to send out business greeting cards


Mastering Business Relationships is a process where you live by a PHILOSOPHY, follow a SYSTEM, and leverage money-making VEHICLES. At the core our program we have the SYSTEM. Our system puts you on a daily course where you find and sort contacts, categorizes those contacts into contacts prospects and customers and then it shows you how to create groups within those categories that you can reach out to with the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of your touches are about relationships and 20 percent of your touches are about marketing and promotion including an amazing referral giving and gathering process.

We talk about 4 primary ways to make connections with those contacts. You make contact through TEXT, PHONE, GREETING CARD, and ONLINE based communication.

We show you how to master the art of greeting card connections. We are the best in the world at it. After sending out over 120 million greeting cards and 5 million gifts over the past 11 years with 70 percent of those being sent by businesses, we can educate you more on the mastery of business greeting card use than anyone on the planet.

When thinking about sending cards to clients or prospects, most business people only think of one, maybe two, ways to do it. Sending a thank you card is the first thing that most business people think of. Sending holiday cards to a list of people is the second.

We show you there are 4 ways to send out greeting cards for your business. We also provide a system that makes it simple to leverage those 4 ways in a consistent, strategic manner. The result of that effort, is dramatically enhanced client/customer relationships and a highly effective marketing effort that spells profits for business.

I’m going to share the 4 ways to send out business greeting cards but I’m going to do it in acronyms.

4 ways to send business greeting cards:

  1. SCSA
  2. SCMA
  3. MCSA
  4. MCMA

I want to see if you can tell me what the acronyms stand for so let me hear from you.

Your friend,

Kody B



Donna Blohm
Donna Blohm

Thank you Michelle! Thank you Kody! Learning, learning, learning!


Hi Kody! How about this? SCSA - Single Card Single Address SCMA - Single Card Multiple Address MCSA - Multiple Card Single Address MCMA - Multiple Card Multiple Address Just a guess... SO excited about the new direction, too!

Michele Reynolds
Michele Reynolds

SCSA = Single Card, Single Address SCMA = Single Card, Multiple Addresses MCSA = Multiple Cards, Single Address MCMA = Multiple Cards, Multiple Addresses

Matt Shorty Wells
Matt Shorty Wells

Maaaannn... I got nothing on the acronyms. But I'm tuned in to find out! I almost wanted to spend a few minutes to take a stab at it but I'm actually "in activity" mode at the moment, making some follow up calls and sending cards to prospective clients. ;) Getting back at it. Looking forward to hearing what they stand for.


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