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Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Uncategorized | 7 comments

The MRM Philosophy


Our Relationship Marketing Philosophy is driven by 3 core principles:

  1. Relationship first (80% of the time), Marketing second (20% of the time)
  2. Building a personal brand with friendship, celebration and service.
  3. Mastering the bridge between high-tech and personal touch.

There are 6 key opportunities to celebrate and serve our fellow human beings. If we make it a habit to leverage these opportunities with those who are considered our contacts, then we will master the acquisition of friendship in our personal lives and in our business. 

The 6 key opportunities are:

  1. Thank You’s
  2. Birthdays
  3. Holidays
  4. Recognition’s
  5. Gratitude
  6. Lifestyle Celebrations

We live by the mantra that says: “We don’t wait until people are dead and in the casket to say nice things about them. We celebrate life now”.

The Thank You, Birthday and Holiday opportunities are a given. Hopefully even expected that we would reach out during these obvious times for celebration. Recognitions, Gratitude and Lifestyle Celebrations, are the unexpected opportunities to reach out. We need to learn what they are and commit them to habit in our quest for mastering relationships in our lives.

Recognition includes any occasion to share our recognition of another’s accomplishments. This includes, congratulations, job well done, and any opportunity to recognize and celebrate another person. It could even be an unexpected greeting card that says… “Congratulations for looking smokin hot today”. How many husbands would have better marriages if they were in the habit of sending celebrations like that.

Gratitude includes acting on ones promptings to reach out and share how much you appreciate someone. Another mantra that we live by says this: “That which you appreciate appreciates”.   This is a habit that will spring-board the relationships you have with your Self, with others and with people in your business.

Lifestyle Celebrations include any opportunity to share lifestyle interests that you have with others. This is where pictures and the written word help us celebrate the common interests that we share. When my son played football, I would take pictures of his teammates making a great play in a game and then put that picture on a greeting card and send it to them. An owner of a motorcycle dealership took pictures of his 8-year-old son racing his motorcycle at a big event. He put that picture on a greeting card and sent it to a group of his customers who bought motorcycles from him. He didn’t ask his customers for anything. He simply included the message: “I hope your family is enjoying this amazing sport as much as we are…Happy Riding!

After sending 120 million greeting cards of celebration like this, I think you can say we have learned a thing or 2 about how people master relationships through creative celebrations. We are taking Relationship Marketing to a whole new level.

Together, as we teach the MRM philosophy along with the 6 key opportunities to celebrate and serve, we will help millions to become Masters of Relationships. Please join us at an upcoming MRM Seminar or simply read, listen and share these posts with others.

I would like to read some examples of your Lifestyle Celebration greeting cards. Bring it on… send them my way.


Kody B




We make a point of thanking establishments that we frequent for dining, services, etc.  We sent a card of gratitude to a favorite restaurant, thanking them for outstanding service and delicious food.  On our next visit there, we noticed that they had framed our card and hung it on the wall.  The owner told us that he cherished the card because it is very rare that people take the time to commend them and say thanks.  He said that more often people will only take time to contact them when they have a complaint, not a compliment.  For this reason, we are trying to change that trend by always saying Thank You whenever we receive great service or an excellent product.  Even our children (all of them younger than age 11) are constantly on the hunt to find someone to "victimize" with a card of kindness.  :)

Pat Deere
Pat Deere

My favorite story involves my little sister, Samantha (who I met through the Boys and Girls Club). We were sitting at a restaurant sending a card to her mom for mother's day. While there, we also sent a card to the manager of the restaurant to let him know how great our waiter was. We took a picture of us attacking our burger, as he described, and sent it off. 2 weeks later we got a thank you card for our thank you card from the manager, who also gave us a $20 gift certificate for the restaurant, and he gave a $50 bonus to our waiter Brandon. Brandon also sent us a thank-you card and said it couldn't have come at a better time. The best part was showing Samantha how much sending a simple thank-you can have such an impact.


This is great stuff!!! SendOutCards at it's VERY BEST!!! A tool that everyone can use to improve their lives, the lives of others and foster both professional and personal relationships! I cannot wait for the MRM Seminar in Pittsburgh!

Janice Kennett
Janice Kennett

Six months ago my husband and I bought new glasses. We got such wonderful help going through the process that I sent brownies to each of the girls in the office. Last weekend, we were in the same office for some repairs to the glasses and the lady who helped us remembered our NAMES and she is still smiling about the brownies!


Last week someone posted on Facebook asking for a recommendation for a window tinter. Five people responded by recommending my husband's business, so I sent each of them a thank you card and brownies! My husband just called me and said one of those card recipients brought their car in today to get their windows tinted

Gayle Zientek
Gayle Zientek

This Really Works! I know because I've experienced it for the past 7+ years. Celebrate others every day and your life will be rich in friendship and business.


This week I sent a card to the art museum that hosted a business meeting, thanking them for doing so. I sent a card to a speaker at another event thanking them for sharing their insights. I sent a third card to an author that signed one of his books for me - his I put a picture of us together w me holding the book. And he got brownies too.

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