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Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Are You Ready?

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Mastering Business Relationships is a process where you live by a PHILOSOPHY, follow a SYSTEM, and leverage money-making VEHICLES. Who is ready to master what it takes to achieve these three things and build your business relationships? Comment and tell me what you are excited to learn at one of  the upcoming MRM events, and who knows I may just give you some secret insight to it all!




Everything we do in life, especially if we are actively engaged in any endeavor that involves our interaction with other people, whether it be in our families, neighborhood, church, work or social, revolves around the relationships we create and nurture. It is our relationships that are the true barometer of our success and the one accomplishment that we will take with us when we die. And yet as critically important as our relationships are to our success, progress and happiness, most of us have never been taught or studied how to build proper, strong and worthwhile relationships, especially in a business environment. This training is the key for most of us to learn how to be better at everything we do. Life is about creating connections, building relationships and making a difference. True happiness comes when we make things better, serve other people and changing lives. When we have gratitude in our hearts and we share it. 

Kay Vrieze
Kay Vrieze

Kody it is important with training as you are aware to have all senses engaged within your delivery. It is also great to have it sequenced so that it can be duplicated by your leaders within the field.  Like Step 1  Philosophy,  Step 2 what is Customer Relationship "What is it and why it works,  Step 3 How it makes a difference to you and your business relationships etc. . 

If we can section the delivery it is much easier to delivery by people who feel they are good trainers.

Mind Mapping it would be outstanding because it is so easy for people to learn it and understanding it quickly.  It is a bit like the napkin presentation.

Things I would like included are:

What is it and why it works, How it makes a difference to you and your business, Application in a step by step way, Attitude plays a major part to success, 

Just a few ideas, you may have them all and they are not needed, but as I have been out of the loop I am not sure what has been said, so thought I would let you know Kody, I am slowly getting back into gear again after the death of my son.

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