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Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

You Are Missing Out!

bannerTo date we have officially completed the inaugural Master Relationship Marketing Seminar and have kicked off the MRM Tour. Earlier this month we touched down in Pittsburgh, PA for the second of many MRM seminars to come. 

Those who have attended the two-day MRM seminar have been in for an unexpected treat. These are a one of a kind event, with a one of a kind energy, flow and material. The seminar is tailored to educate and equip you with the tools to take on and master your relationships. We focus on the importance of relationships and present a diverse panel of experts in all areas of business to teach you how to make those relationships thrive; There is no shortage of information to get you up and running to master relationship marketing for your business.

Both seminars opened with a distinctly powerful message from the one and only Tom Hopkins, a sales industry powerhouse who has been recognized as America’s #1 Sales Trainer and The Builder of Sales Champions. Tom’s message set the tone for the entire event to be one of the most in-depth discoveries of personal development along with strategic business practices.

I don’t like to keep people waiting for the good stuff, so I hit the ground running by diving right in to the curriculum, covering the key concepts and most important principles to learn during the two-day course. The seminar isn’t about me or network marketing necessarily; I want you to become educated in all facets of relationships and networking with others so that you can better market yourself. With these skills you will be fully equipped with the information you need to turn around and be successful in any industry. I always partner with the most incredible speakers to bring you a unique experience. These experts are a prestigious group of industry professionals known at the MRM as the fourteen Masters of Relationship Marketing. 

Not only do you get to meet and hear from these industry experts, you get an inside look at their teachings, practices and how they have mastered relationship marking. Plus they work with you one-on-one throughout the entire event so you really do get a unique experience and training to set yourself up for success when the seminar comes to an end.

There were examples from real estate agents, salon owners, social media experts as well as network-marketing professionals on how they effectively create relationships with prospects and maintain them as clients. Attendees learned how to bridge the gap between high-tech and personal touch and they defined their personal brand. When you know what your gift is to the world, you can give yourself away and become a massive success in all that you do.

I will personally guide you through the rhythm of prosperity over this two-day course, which is an essential exercise to fully grasp the concept of MRM. With this system you’ll easily gain the knowledge to acquire more contacts, retain your clients, learn which vehicle to use effectively and how to reach out and communicate with your customers while building in-depth relations.

“I cannot begin to tell you how INCREDIBLE the MRM seminar was! I believe that this was a life-changing weekend. It was amazing. I felt as if Kody was talking directly to me, answering my questions, and giving me the info to move my business forward. My brain is on overload — with ideas swirling thru my head!! Powerful information!! Expert trainers!! My advice to those of you who have yet to attend a MRM Seminar… do whatever you have to do to get to Houston in April!” -Attendee of SLC MRM



Kay Vrieze
Kay Vrieze

I have five people already lined up to come when you delivery it in Australia Kody.  Can't wait.

Have we got dates for Australia as yet??

Matt Shorty Wells
Matt Shorty Wells

I love everything about this post! I can't even communicate how excited I am about the Houston event. I've rented a 7 passenger minivan and am coming from Mississippi with a FULL VAN! Plus I have an owner of a Home Building company coming over from Dallas area with his office manager! That's just SO FAR! I have a a written candidate list of people I'm working on reaching out to about this event. I may have a caravan of minivans making the trek by the time the time comes!

See you business leaders in Houston!

-Matt, the Short Man, Wells


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