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Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Uncategorized | 7 comments

Relationship Money?

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By now you understand the concept of MRM and if you have attended an MRM Seminar you are in tune with the strategies and practices in which to build your relationships upon so you can substantially grow. You know “Relationship Marketing” is based on the 80-20 rule and many other key principles. It’s all about relationships and giving to give.

As I sit here this morning though, a thought has come to me and I’m curious to hear what you think of this new MRM phrase.

Are you ready to hear the new phrase?

It’s “Relationship Money”, WOW! Did you read that right?

“Relationship Money”.

Now tell me, what do you think this means?

Relationship Money





Looking at the comments, I think their feelings are much like mine.  Relationships are built for more than just making money.  Relationships are built so people can work together to achieve their goals. Relationships are built to enrich our lives with new friendships.  I like @Masili comment on Relationship Wealth.  To me, we build Relationships for Growth.


Relationship Money--  It is everything You own.  First, I would say that I have to get myself completely out of debt, for a debtor has a master.  Then I would become a steward of the money entrusted to me to fulfill my calling.
I become outward - other -  focused, using my resources and money to build relationships.   I attract more money as my relationships grow,  which in turn allows me to expand the ripple.


Kody,  I prefer the phrase "Relationship wealth" because the word "wealth" can be viewed

           in both depth, strength and meaning of personal relationships as well as financial

            wealth.  Why might this be shouldn't be at all offensive to the person

            that comes from the mental state of "it's not about the money.  Appeal to both groups.

            Make sense?   Mike Sill 


Hi Kody, firstly I think we INVEST money in relationship, being generous and I believe this comes back to us. Principle of giving - faithfulness.

Secondly, I do believe that relationship makes a BIG difference when we decide to choose a company or trade do the service that we need. The relationship that you have count the most when you sign a contract even when others in the market offers the same quality and service. This was the key sentence when I signed a IT company as a PC having a meeting with the director.

Relationship for me is natural from my heart, so I'm loving this topic and looking forward to have our MRM soon !!!


Hi Kody,  Relationship Money...  I feel that it is how we feel about money and how we treat it.  Do we treat it as one of those topics we do not want to discuss?  Do we dread when our bills come in?  Are we scared of it eg not having enough or that is too dear?   When we could be celebrating money and know that it is called 'currency' and allow it to flow into our lives.

I am digging a deeper river thru self development and awareness and thru MRM :)

Sheila Whitney
Sheila Whitney

Kody, I think it is money I could use to spend on other people. Like money to go on a mission trip or money that I use to take my family on a trip. Relationship money could be Relationship Freedom much like time freedom. Money is a tool and relationships are about life (life+tool=freedom). 😃

Michele Reynolds
Michele Reynolds

Kody, I think Mastering Money is a blueprint we all have too, much like the MLM blueprint. Many of the same concepts apply here. Whatever programs we have and run on a daily basis, allow us to master or not master money/wealth in our lives. Loving the direction of this....

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