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Posted by on Mar 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

What’s In It For Me?

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By now you probably know that MRM stands for Master Relationship Marketing. Relationship Marketing is a strategy; a set of principles that create customer and consumer loyalty, engagement and most importantly, a relationship. Focusing on relationships 80% of the time and marketing 20% of the time allows you to create bonds, trust, assurance and the ability to focus on the most important word, relationship. When we follow this simple rule and focus on relationships, the complexities and typical aspects of marketing become genuine and simplified.

Understanding this principle is key to mastering relationships, but how can you take everything you’ve learned to the next level? By attending a Master Relationship Marketing Seminar! You are probably asking yourself, “Well what’s in it for me?”. Now you can find out what others are saying about the MRM Seminars, so don’t just take my word for it… see for yourself!

“Had an AHA moment! Saying goodbye to the old marketing rules and hello to Relationship Marketing. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend in Houston.
” Margaret Francoeur

“This was a life-changing event both personally and for our SOC business. All I can say it get to one as soon as possible.” Valerie Halek Smiley

“This seminar made my heart sing. Thank you to Kody and everyone for opening our minds to the true meaning of dealing with not only the people in our lives but also to celebrate everyone we come in touch with. Businesses need to have this system in place to see the rewards of building their business to last through any down turn in the economy. Relationship Marketing taught the way it should be taught. Congrats to everyone for an outstanding and profound presentation.” Grace Strachan 

“This one of the BEST seminars I have ever attended in my 36-year professional career. If you have been looking for the best way to KICK the door to SUCCESS wide open, then this is a must attend event. After leaving MRM I have met with 4 new prospective MD’s with more appointments next week. Thank you!” Linda Lach Zyla

“I flew to the one in SLC, it was SO great, I flew to the one in Pittsburgh, and that was SO great, I am driving to the one in Houston next month… I believe this is truly one of the BEST seminars if not THE best for RELATIONSHIP MARKETING for ANY business that has customers or clients. If you are in any business, you have customers or clients, and you want to increase your business and keep your current clients – I highly recommend you attend this seminar.” Laurie Delk




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