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Posted by on Jan 4, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Range Between Best And Average is 30%


I am currently reading the biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Most of you know Steve Jobs as the co-founder and CEO of Apple. I love reading his life story.  In it, you discover how Apple became the most innovative technology company on the planet.

Steve Jobs was not well-liked. He was often ruthless with how he handled people. He was a strong visionary and expected perfection with everything he did. He was quoted in this book as saying:

“For most things in life, the range between best and average is 30% or so. The best airplane flight, the best meal, they may be 30% better than your average one.” – Steve Jobs

He always believed that Apple would deliver a better music system than anyone else because he and his team simply loved music more than any of their competition. They were also perfectly positioned with the technology that could revolutionize the way music was purchased, downloaded and distributed throughout the world.

It works that way in our exciting profession of network marketing, too. If you can align yourself with a company you love, and that company is positioned to revolutionize the way its products are sold, and you put in 30% more effort than the average representative, you have found a formula that will put you into the BEST category of your profession.

As we have mentioned, the difference between the top producers and the average ones is about 30%. Those who typically put in the extra 30% are those who love what they are doing most. You may love the product most. You may love the team-building or recognition or mentorship or opportunity aspects more than the average person. The result is about 30% more activity than the average rep.

Simply resonate with what you love most about your company, along with its products and opportunity. Latch onto that and put in 30% more. Get 30% better, log in 30% more time, deal with 30% more of the setbacks you might face, recruit 30% more than you are used to. The list goes on and on.

So I leave you with this simple challenge. Wherever you are right now in building your business, put in 30% more. That’s it. You figure out what that is but DO IT! Put in 30% more and you will move yourself into the BEST category.



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