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Suzanne Sukhram

Since Pittsburgh, I have become extremely conscious of the statements I make every day. So has my daughter. It has gotten to the point that we were listening to the radio on Saturday and singing along until she said, "You know, this song has very bad I AM statements." For the rest of the song we laughed and talked about all the terrible lyrics in a song that we had previously enjoyed listening to. The things we learn from Kody!

Seriously, that event was so powerful - if you haven't been to one yet, please go. It is truly life changing and I don't usually say that about anything.


Linda Zyla

“If you have been looking for the best way to kick the door to success wide open, then this is a must attend event!”-

Gayle Zientek Get to know it! Your life and business will never be the same.

Bob Towers

MRM works in soooooo many ways! It's so intertwined with the teachings we all can build on in all areas of our life! If your not registered jump on a plane and GET THERE!!! It has literally took my MIND FRAME from 4 digit deals to 6 digit deals AND THEY ARE HAPPENING because of my frame of mind and IM PUTTING PEOPLE IN THE CYCLE and opportunities are flying at me from all directions!

Cyndy Justice

The MRM seminar is phenomenal! I just received a phone call from a guest who almost didn't attend. His company provides e-mail and social media services for their clients. He thought SOC was totally against e-mail and other technology (though I had sent a card a brownies from my phone!) Was he surprised! He loved it and even stayed for the business presentation on Friday. He just called me and said he had completed the survey about the seminar and sent it in!
He invited me to present SOC at the classes they give for realtors. I'd love to do that, but for their benefit. Have already shown the opportunity video to his business partner who really liked the distributor option. Stay tuned!

Laurie Delk

I am SOOOOOO excited about the MRM!!! Are you going???? I flew to the one in SLC, I flew to the one in PITTS, and I am driving 14 hours to the one in Houston -- That is how AMAZING they are.....I HIGHLY recommend if you can go, GO!!!!! There is still time to make last minute plans.


My rule the last 10 1/2 years I have been here was if it is a kinda big event - and within a 5 hour drive, I go. if it is an event that Kody flies into - within 10 hour drive I go. Convention and the Executive retreats are a no brainer - I go.....

These MRM's have been more than amazing....

Gayle Zientek

‪#‎MRM is a business game changer and I would encourage you to get to a ‪#‎MasterRelationshipMarketing seminar in a city near you. 2 reasons....1. You’ll learn how to talk to business owners about increasing sales and profits and 2. You'll gain valuable knowledge for building your SendOutCards business! I mentioned to Kody at the Houston MRM April 17 & 18 that we were on track for receiving a referral a day in our real estate business for the month of April. We ended up with 27 inquiries about real estate in April. It's May 3 and we've had 5 real estate conversations so far in May. If I told you that Steve and I have been fully engaged in what Kody is teaching in the MRM for the past 8 years and our business is nearly 100% referral would you be inclined to find out exactly how that works?

Bob Towers


If you are following Kody Bateman's ‪#‎MRM please make sure you are ready to handle all the referral's!! I sure couldn't handle all of them at first... over 500 PERSONAL referrrals in the last 2 weeks for my car dealership and they virtually came overnight! This happens when you ‪#‎GIVE2GIVE......

I'll be in Houston if you want to hear more

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